Key benefits of coaching


of Prosper members reported feeling more confident and prepared to achieve their career goals.


of people that work with a coach improve their communication skills.


of people that work with a coach improve their work performance.

Benefits of Coaching

Accelerate faster

Coaching gives you the tools you need, to enhance key skills and accelerate at a faster rate. 

Do better work

Become an excellent communicator, problem-solver and more resilient human through 1:1 coaching. 

Build real confidence 

Confidence is not something you’re born with - it’s a skill. Build confidence that lasts

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Meet our coaches

Meet your match and Prosper

Coach Laurie

Laurie helps people overcome the stress and anxiety of the unknown, through a results-oriented approach.

Coach Briony

As an actress, writer and coach, Briony will connect with you, dial-up your strengths and help you discover unrecognized talents.

Coach Miriam

Miriam loves to build genuine connections with the people she works with, through a motivational coaching style.

Coach Jonathan

Jonathan’s style is collaborative and solution focused, which will help you see life’s challenges from new perspectives.

Coach Gloria

Gloria asks discovery questions to help people uncover their passions and what they’re looking to achieve out of their career.

"After working with my Prosper coach, I have more clarity around my core values and what those tangibly look like in the workplace, and in life. I feel much more confident in my decision making process."


Growth Manager

Prosper member since 2019